Photography Zsolt Hlinka surreal city corners

Zsolt Hlinka surreal city corners

Giulia Ficicchia
Gli angoli cittadini immaginari di Zsolt Hlinka | 3

Imagining a place without landmarks such as restaurants, monuments and so on, the first thing to define an appointment place would be the well-known corner. Deep down, every street starts at the corner of another one, so the clothing store with the inaccessible prices in front of which we pass every day. But this is another story, and it is obviously different from the one I want to tell you.

The protagonist is the photographer, Zsolt Hlinka, of which we have already spoken. The theme of the story is a new series of photographs he created, named Urban Symmetry, which reproduces, through symmetrical images obtained through digital manipulation, a surreal and made up a collection of city corners. A more surrealistic touch is given by a pastel background that recalls the palette of famous directors and Nordic furnishing trends. There is much beauty in the geometry and architecture of these compositions, but don’t worry, even if the corners don’t exist in reality, you can find the buildings walking around Budapest.

Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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