A Crazy Music Video for ‘Kolschik’ by Leningrad
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A Crazy Music Video for ‘Kolschik’ by Leningrad

Kolschik - Il nuovo video della band Leningrad | Collater.al

Ленинград — Кольщик. This was the first useful information that I found this morning wandering around the web looking for interesting things while drinking a milkshake in pajamas, half an hour to figure out what it was and boards on boards of unnecessary tabs open on my browser.

And then here’s the coolest thing of the week, “Kolschik” the new Leningrad‘s video.

Directed by the Biting Elbows musician and Russian film director Ilya Naishuller (the Bad Motherfucker, do you remember? If the answer is no click right away and run out to see that videoclip), and with the special effects from the CGF studio, Kolschik is a colorful riot ska, super violent and absolutely ridiculous video: a wrong day at the circus, full of bizarre set of circumstances that lead into a terrible disaster.

All seasoned with Cyrillic alternative punk from the Balkan flavor of the band.


Anyway, don’t worry, down here you can also find the reverse version of the video.


Artbloodmusic videovisual effect
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