adidas Originals brings the 90s back to life with the TRESC RUN

adidas Originals decided to bring back to life the atmosphere of the 1990s when street style wanted to set itself apart from fashion standards. Inspired by a historical period when color meant expression, the new TRESC RUN are a perfect match between the style of the past and today’s technologies, such as a special flexible TPU material and the addition of layers of texture throughout the midsole.

With a shooting in an urban and youthful area, we represented the unmistakable trait of the TRESC RUN, given by the flames on the side of the midsole, that recall the creative vivacity of the 90s, perfectly distinguishable among the gray of the city.

The two versions of the TRESC RUN, in black and grey, are available exclusively at Foot Locker and Foot

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PH: Claudia Fuggetti
STYLING: Enrica Miller

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