Art All for the Gram – Non ho internet 

All for the Gram – Non ho internet 

Giulia Guido

It happens to everyone, sometimes even on a daily basis, to scroll through the Instagram home but be a point where the internet doesn’t pick up very well. In those moments, our feed and everyone else’s feed becomes a blurry, indecipherable pattern of colors and photos. The profileNon ho internet” (I don’t have internet) is dedicated precisely to all those images not uploaded, waiting for an extra notch of internet or a free wi-fi. 

But the profile is not only made up of photos: each image is accompanied by a caption in which the owner of the profile, Violetta Mari, writes what the photo arouses in her. Stories in verse or prose that manage to give us back the sensations of those photos waiting for the internet. 

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Right in the place where images are everything, the “Non ho internet” profile goes against all statistics and strategies by proposing only things we can’t see and will never see. There are those who will find it annoyingly irritating and those who will find it strangely poetic. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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