Art “Assume That I Can”, the viral campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

“Assume That I Can”, the viral campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

Giulia Guido
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In just a few days, it has gone viral worldwide. We are talking about the “Assume That I Can” campaign by CoorDown, the national coordination of associations of people with Down syndrome, launched in anticipation of World Down Syndrome Day, celebrated every year on March 21.

The film, which has nearly 30 million total views to date, was produced in collaboration with the Small agency in New York and produced by Indiana Production. The video shows how important it is to overturn one’s perspectives and prejudices towards people with Down Syndrome, and it is based on the words of Marta Sodano, a young woman with Down syndrome, who in 2019 gave a speech at the United Nations headquarters. On that occasion, Marta said that – in the educational field – the teachers who helped her the most “are those who saw her as ‘Marta’ and not as everyone says ‘a Down syndrome person’.” Thus, in CoorDown’s video, the protagonist challenges the low expectations that people have towards her in every aspect of her life, from being able to have a drink in the evening to studying the same curriculum as everyone else.

This is not the first time a CoorDown campaign has gone viral in just a few days. In the section of their website dedicated to campaigns, you can find all those carried out in previous years, including “The Hiring Chain” from 2021, which was awarded at the Cannes Festival, the D&AD Awards, the ADC2021 Awards, and the New York Festivals.

Written by Giulia Guido
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