Behzad Nohoseini and his graphics

17 October 2019

Iranian graphic designer Behzad Nohoseini uses the "I'm not a robot" checkboxes to tackle problems related to the climate and environmental crisis.

Not so long ago we talked about Behzad Nohoseini and his series of graphics that transformed and played with the names of the films and their plots. Let’s talk about it again because the latest project published by the Iranian graphic designer on his Instagram profile attracted our attention more than others. 

Behzad takes its cue from the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, the box that sometimes appears to us when we enter a password or sign up for a website. The aim of these boxes is to check that the user is not a machine, but a person in the flesh. Many times, however, a click is not enough. Often we are faced with a question: the system asks us to recognize bicycles, traffic lights, cars in a grid of nine images. 

Behzad Nohoseini recreates exactly these grids, but the questions he asks his followers are closely linked to environmental issues. For example, above a photograph of a polar bear in the middle of dozens of small pieces of melting ice we are asked to select the squares where an iceberg appears. 

For now, this series has only 4 graphics, we hope that Behzad Nohoseini has more in store. 

Behzad Nohoseini |
Behzad Nohoseini |
Behzad Nohoseini |
Behzad Nohoseini |


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