Style Bottega Veneta celebrates Italian craftsmanship

Bottega Veneta celebrates Italian craftsmanship

Andrea Tuzio

“Bottega for Bottegas”, this is the name of the new initiative of Bottega Veneta that intends to celebrate and raise awareness of Italian craftsmanship
A desire, that of the maison of Vicenza, which stems from the desire to give visibility to some Italian artisans that best represent the creativity combined with the craftsmanship of our country. 
Bottega Veneta will give visibility throughout the holiday season, through its global media power, to 12 stores scattered throughout Italy, sharing its spaces, first of all physical and then online, with the selected realities. 

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An offline campaign includes the display of the products of the independent stores in the maison’s physical stores in Italy and an advertising launch with classic billboards throughout the city of Milan. There is also online advertising through newsletters and dedicated spaces on the Bottega Veneta website, where consumers are redirected to purchase products directly from the companies’ websites.
This initiative will not remain unique but will be repeated with other Italian artisan stores as protagonists.

These are the 12 stores that Bottega Veneta has chosen to support:

Bottega Krumiri Rossi 
Historical Italian brand from Casalmonferrato present on the market since 1878. It is said that one of the most famous cookies in Italy was born in the Piedmontese pastry shop of Domenico Rossi soon after the unification of Italy. 

Bottega Respighi Drums
Alessandro Respighi and Daniele Accardo manufacture in their workshop drums and drums that represent an all-Italian excellence. They are based in Pavia but their creations are played all over the world.

Bottega Pastificio Martelli
“A family of pasta makers in the heart of Tuscany”. Their historical headquarters is located in the ancient village of Lari in the province of Pisa, inside the Castle. A big yellow building is the Pastificio Famiglia Martelli, true artisans and traditional method for a 100% handmade semolina pasta.

Bottega Orsoni
Venetian mosaics since 1888. The creations of the last historical furnace in Venice, and the only one to still use live fire, still decorate the most famous monuments in the world. 

Bottega Cantina Bisson
Everything started when Pierluigi Lugano, master of art and established sommelier was only 6 years old. A schoolmate invited him to participate to the grape harvest in the vineyard of his parents. From that moment on, things were never the same and since 1978 Bisson wines represent an excellence to all intents and purposes.

Bottega Amatruda
Almost 750 years of handcrafting paper, more precisely Amalfi paper. The Amatruda family from Amalfi is a piece of Italian history. Their paper is not just paper but an individually produced cotton sheet with natural bangs on all sides and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

Bottega Gin Ginepraio
A 100% organic and Made in Italy gin is the one produced by Enzo Brini and Fabio Mascaretti, who managed to transport ancient technologies into the modern production chain. Their creed is innovation combined with tradition in constant harmony with nature, and nature is the wonderful Tuscan territory.

Bottega Olio Vanini
For over 170 years, the Premiato Oleificio Vanini has been a family tradition. A long history of oil millers always in step with the times but respectful of tradition. Today this long tradition continues in their oil mill in Lenno, a small village with just over 1800 inhabitants in the municipality of Tremezzina in the province of Como. 

Bottega Saponificio Varesino
Sapofinificio Varesino was founded in 1945 in Brebbia, in the province of Varese, near the shores of Lake Maggiore. Thanks to the perfectioning of the artisan method together with new working techniques, this ancient soap factory produces soaps of the highest quality. 

Bottega Riso Pozzi
In the area of Landriano, in the province of Pavia, the Pozzi family processes this cereal with maniacal care. 

Bottega Gay-Odin
A piece of Neapolitan history. This company has been using the same production techniques since Isidoro Odin founded his first store in 1800. If you’ve never tasted it, do it!

Bottega Enza Fasano
Daughter of the well-known and esteemed Master of Art Nicola Fasano from Grottaglie, Enza was born practically among the ceramics inheriting a boundless love for ceramic work. A centuries-old tradition that today Enza Fasano brings to the contemporary world thanks to her unique and inimitable style.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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