Design Camille Walala’s supermarket feed the creativity
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Camille Walala’s supermarket feed the creativity

Emanuele D'Angelo
Camilla Walala |

In England, designer Camille Walala has just transformed the entire store at London’s Design Museum into a pop-up supermarket selling food designed by artists.

It will open to the public tomorrow and will simply be called “Supermarket”, it was designed to “feed the creativity” of those who will visit it. In addition to those Camille Walala inside you will be able to find foods packaged and made by: Charlotte Edey, Holly Warburton, Isadora Lima, Jess Warby, Joey Yu, Katherine Plumb, Katie Kimmel, Kentaro Okawara, and Michaela Yearwood-Dan.

Each artist designed a different product, including tea, toilet paper rolls, pasta sauce, detergent, rice, tonic, and bottles of gin, their creativity truly went above and beyond, turning any product into something unique.

“Supermarket is a great way to not only support the Design Museum, but also to shine a spotlight on the ten bright young artists who through this project have a new platform for their work.”

The limited-edition items will normally be sold in-store like any Supermarket and online starting April 21 while supplies last. All proceeds will go to the museum’s new Emerging Designer Access Fund, which gives free tickets to the design museum to emerging designers.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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