Style The desert is a non-place in Etro’s new campaign

The desert is a non-place in Etro’s new campaign

Tommaso Berra
Etro |

The desert is an indecipherable place, a territory that seems to make it so that it cannot really be known by man, constantly changing in its landmarks and climate. One might say that the desert is a non-place, in which time loses the coordinates necessary to orient itself, as if it were the surface of some planet millions of light-years away from Earth.
It is in the desert, in Palm Spring, that Etro chose to shoot its latest campaign, thanks to the collaboration with photographer Henrik Purienne.

The models appear in the shots as foreign bodies, as does the Corvette that seems to have accompanied them all the way there, in an On the Road atmosphere in which the car looks almost like a spaceship that has landed on an unknown planet. Even the garments in the collection seem like foreign bodies, which in the flatness and monotony of that landscape emerge even more decisively, until it becomes impossible not to notice the textures, colors and embroideries that have always distinguished Etro’s style.
The man is estranged from the place in the photos of this latest campaign of the brand, but he seems to have found his dimension, until he finds a condition of calm and suspension of time. The sand and grass dried by the sun’s rays thus end up becoming a place of the soul in which to live.

This campaign, the last as Etro’s creative directors, is a journey to a place that is in time, but also out of time. It is our road to nowhere to distant worlds, sunny as far as the of the eye, strengthened by the nomadic and curious spirit that has always driven us, because it is never the destination that counts, but the journey itself” Kean and Veronica Etro.

Etro |
Written by Tommaso Berra
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