Style The 032c and “Die Tödliche Doris” FW20 collection

The 032c and “Die Tödliche Doris” FW20 collection

Andrea Tuzio

The FW20 collection by 032c in collaboration with the radical collective Die Tödliche Doris is a true tribute to the Berlin punk art scene of the 1980s and its underground and creative essence recognized worldwide.

Die Tödliche Doris was an art and music performance collective based in the historic red light district of Schöneberg in the southwest of the city and active from 1980 until 1987, founded by Wolfgang Müller. The collective was part of the post-punk movement and promoter and agitator of Berlin’s subcultures by embracing the aesthetics of the “Geniale Dilettanten” (misrepresentation of “Brilliant Dilletants”).

The collection, designed by creative director Maria Koch with the help of Wolfgang Müller, brings together some of the collective’s most radical artwork and statements in a series of casual items including T-shirts, sweaters, leather pants and accessories.

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection of 032c and “Die Tödliche Doris” is available from today on the 032c webstore.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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