Design Oasys, a green and artificial oasis for Abu Dhabi

Oasys, a green and artificial oasis for Abu Dhabi

Giulia Guido

Imagine walking through the busy streets of a metropolis and suddenly finding a cool, shady and green place to sit and rest, where you can spend your free time. The architects of Mask Architects not only imagined it, but they also designed it. 
As the name says, “Oasys” is a real oasis to be installed in large cities. 

Mask Architects’ futuristic design won the Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge, a competition in which more than 1,570 firms from 67 different countries have proposed their solution to one of the problems of climate change, namely the urban heat island effect, just like that of Abu Dhabi. 

Oasys looks like a small section of a forest, where trees and natural elements interlock with artificial elements that resemble huge leaves. Their design makes it possible to create large, permanently shaded areas beneath them, in fact, this oasis is designed not only for those who want to relax in the cool, but also to host pop-ups, bars and even art exhibitions. 

Oasys has been conceived as a modular structure, so it can be adapted to any place, to any type of terrain and can cover surfaces of different sizes. 
The pride of the project is the lighting system, which reproduces natural light, simulating the sun’s rays during the day and turning blue at night.  

Written by Giulia Guido
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