Style C.P. Company Continues to Experiment

C.P. Company Continues to Experiment

Anna Frattini

Among all the activities we engaged in during Milan Design Week, the C.P. Company workshop we attended stood out as one of the most divergent from the frenzy of the past week. It was an opportunity to explore LABORATORIO, the brand’s platform dedicated to expanding the life cycle, upcycling, and customization of C.P. Company products. The schedule of events during MDW was packed: from April 17th to 19th at the brand’s new Milanese location – via G. Fiamma, 18 – there were not only workshops but also talks and an installation designed by David Curtis-Ring. In this account, we will focus on some of the highlights of these three days spent at C.P. Company’s headquarters: the meeting with the Sample Research team, the endless possibilities of re-contextualizing a garment, and the technique of garment dyeing in all its stages.

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Day 1: Build Your Item with GORE-TEX and Sample Research

Over three days at C.P. Company, designers and enthusiasts of the brand had the opportunity to build a garment from scratch under the guidance of the Sample Research team – of which we will discuss more later – and GORE-TEX. Starting from paper to create the pattern, in this first session, some designed a pair of pants from scratch, others a cape, while some experimented with the touch and feel of the fabrics provided by the brand. This initial approach was mainly aimed at those familiar with fashion design but also demonstrated C.P. Company’s openness to experimentation, not only in fabrics but also from a practical standpoint.

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Day 2: Re-design Thinking with C.P. Company

Continuing under the guidance of the method led by the Sample Research team, workshop participants delved into combining and transforming the garments provided by C.P. Company, re-imagining the Goggle Jacket and the overshirt, playing with various elements available during the workshop. Some were cutting and adding, others experimenting with shapes, and some with the design system.

Sample Research’s Vision

The workshop’s mode – as envisioned by the Sample Research team – allowed participants to get their hands on materials and garment-making tools. «Workshops work because – through practical activities – an engaging experience is created for participants, who, by becoming an integral part of the creative process, are more likely to explore and exchange ideas», the founders of Sample Research tell us. Sample Research is a platform where the goal is to share a flow of images and brands from diverse backgrounds with the entire community. The approach of the Sample Research team, therefore, aligns well with the concept of community, which is increasingly strong within the fashion system.

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«By collaborating with organizations that offer unique and complementary perspectives to ours and having guests from diverse experiences and backgrounds, we create a stimulating environment where we intervene to explore new creative approaches and generate as many points of reflection as possible. Looking to the future, we aim to develop ongoing relationships with the brands involved in our workshops. This would allow us to deepen collaborations, going beyond the ideation phase to the creation of finished products,» the two add. Their intention is thus to act as a bridge – fostering collaborations and dialogue – between designers and enthusiasts. An approach that primarily encourages the desire for sharing and, consequently, the development of imagination starting from the community.

Giorno 3: How does the Garment Dyeing process happen?

After the first two days with the Sample Research team, on the last day, we experimented with organic and synthetic dyes. The experimentation started – as usual – with a C.P. Company product, a classic bucket hat. Following this, there was also a workshop on Organic Garment Dyeing with Matthieu Ruiz, a French designer who extensively experiments with color and dedicates much of his research to natural dyes, as seen on his Instagram profile.

In summary, after three days at C.P. Company, we learned a lot about the company’s know-how, fabrics, and garment dyeing. We enjoyed the workshop format – despite our shortcomings in tailoring – and it allowed us to test our perception not only of the brand but also of fabric approach. This experience reflects many of C.P. Company’s intentions, focusing on upcycling, controlling the life cycle of garments, and much more.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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