Photography The Historical Surrealism of Phillip Toledano

The Historical Surrealism of Phillip Toledano

Anna Frattini

We’ve talked a lot about intersections between the world of Artificial Intelligence and that of photography in recent months, especially during Photo Vogue and with Andrea Baioni‘s contribution to the visuals in Laura Tota‘s article. Let’s revisit this topic today with the release of Phillip Toledano‘s book, Another America, published by L’Artiere. The artist discusses historical surrealism in commenting on the release of this project, all to be discovered in this work, available from April 25.

Another America by Phillip Toledano is a fictional story set in New York. It’s a journey into the 1940s reimagined through AI and the short stories of John Kenney – a writer whose work you may have encountered in The New Yorker. This book stems from reflection on truth and the American political situation, all in a country consumed by conspiracy theories. Following closely is the arrival of AI, which reinforces this sentiment, and here’s Toledano, ready to question photography itself with the help of the first major means to make everything true and untrue.

«For me, the fascinating thing about AI is the possibility of what I call historical surrealism. The advent of artificial intelligence means that every lie can now have compelling visual evidence. We can recreate the world as it has never been. For every conspiracy theory, there can be visual evidence,» says Phillip Toledano.

Credit Phillip Toledano – Another America courtesy of L’Artiere

Written by Anna Frattini
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