Art The crucipuzzles sculpted by Graham Kelman
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The crucipuzzles sculpted by Graham Kelman

Giulia Guido
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What value do words have? In the era of images, someone could say that as time goes by they have less and less relevance, yet, often, a large part of the public debate on different issues arises from words used improperly, from different interpretations, or new linguistic needs.
New York-based artist and designer Graham Kelman has addressed this issue in his series of works entitled The Word Search

Graham Kelman is a self-taught artist who acquired most of his knowledge and technical skills working for over a decade alongside Jenny Holzer on projects for museums such as the Guggenheim Bilbao, MASS MoCA and Kukje Gallery and collaborating with different brands such as Nike, Google and Spotify. 

For The World Search he took inspiration from the crucipuzzles, those games found in the enigmatic week in which in a grid of letters you have to search and circle words. Here, instead of making them on paper, Graham Kelman decided to create something more monumental and impactful. 

The artist created some sort of medium-sized tiles, each dedicated to a different letter and placed them on a support characterized by the presence of tracks on which to slide the letters and change their position at will. In this way Graham Kelman can create different giant crucifiers playing endlessly with the letters. 

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Finding the words in his works is neither immediate nor easy: the goal is to restore time and importance not only to the words themselves but also to their meaning. 

Being also a graphic designer, The World Search not only has a concrete development, but Kelman has also worked on virtual crucifixes placed in a forest or on a body of water, transforming these games into monumental sculptural works. 

Artgraphic designsculpture
Written by Giulia Guido
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