Art Curt Montgomery, cool and minimal tattoos

Curt Montgomery, cool and minimal tattoos

Claudia Fuggetti
Curt Montgomery, tatuaggi cool e minimali |

Tattoo artist Canada-based Curt Montgomery is known for his minimal style, which never gives up being cool. His favorite themes are illustrations that deal with death, sex and realities. In every drawing he performs there is always a touch of irony, of veiled genuine sarcasm, accentuated by a fluid, soft and clean stroke.

Minimalism becomes the most immediate type of language to communicate with others in an original and fresh way. Glasses of wine, roses, faces and the inner chaos inside us, become works of art to be worn with great naturalness. If this artist interested you, take a look also at Sanja Stojkov‘s works.

Follow Curt’s work on his Instagram profile that you find here.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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