Art The covers customized by Daniele Catalli

The covers customized by Daniele Catalli

Giulia Guido

How many times have we stopped to look at the cover of a book thinking that it wasn’t particularly beautiful, or that it didn’t represent the essence of the story told in the pages? It is precisely for this reason that Daniele Catalli gave life to his personal Slow Covers project. Taking advantage of this period of time, Daniele started his own bookshop and, one by one, he started redesigning the covers of his books. Armed only with ink and white paper, Daniele gave vent to his imagination and did what every artist would like to do, creating without limits, without guidelines, without dates to respect. 

The covers become the canvas on which a sort of stream of consciousness is poured: the images created can be linked to the story told in the book, but they can also be linked to the moment of its purchase or to the person who gave it to him. Everything is possible and, above all, everything is accepted. 

The covers are made in a very instinctive way, without thinking about it too much: no rules of composition or layout, no preparatory sketches but only different inks and papers I have at home.

While you think about what the covers of your favorite books would look like if you were to draw them, discover the ones by Daniele Catalli below and on his Instagram profile

Written by Giulia Guido
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