Design This artwork should hypnotize you

This artwork should hypnotize you

Tommaso Berra
Danilo Correale |

A famous story wondered what would happen if we used 100 percent of our brains, and I never know whether to be happy to know that someday we might discover the magic potion by becoming all super humans, or to be disappointed that I use less than half of that brain. Artists-as well as Silicon Valley startuppers-have resorted to various techniques to get in touch with a more complete part of one’s self, often involving micro (or macro) doses of natural and synthetic drugs, according to several studies confirmed to be effective albeit with some contraindications.
Neapolitan artist and researcher Danilo Correale has created yet another tool that would enable men to resist the “bullying of time” and thanks to hypnosis free themselves from the condition of work compulsion that society imposes on many people.

Reverie, on the Liberation from Work“-this is the name of Correale’s project-is an exercise in hypnosis, born out of a collaboration with a New York hypnotherapist, who helped the artist create a script capable of relaxing the senses and mentally bringing humans out of their physical condition. Reverie follows a long research Danilo Correale carries out on sleep and wakefulness, two concepts that have radically changed in recent decades due to environmental, technological and, in the artist’s view, work-related factors.
The union of speech and music would lead listeners to escape the present, and the listening sessions organized in recent years are to be understood as real artistic performances, which make them discover a new connection between humans and time, between humans and their own social role. In addition to these listening sessions, the project consists of a vinyl, in which Side A is titled “Liberation” while Side B is that of “Transition,” both 21:20 minutes long.

As mentioned, Danilo Correale’s finger is pointed at work, which is no longer necessary in the dimension of “Reverie, on the Liberation from Work.” The listener is led to reflect on awareness of his or her own life path, leaving aside the propagada that, according to the artist, constantly puts people under judgment.
A turntable or gradient with gradient colors will potreranno to a new “path leading to this new present as a collective achievement, your anticipation of a post-work future.” Who knows it might work, without LSD or hallucinogenic frogs.

Danilo Correale |
Written by Tommaso Berra
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