Art Diana Yevtukh, the artist who embroiders the trees

Diana Yevtukh, the artist who embroiders the trees

Giulia Guido

There are those who look at the trunk of a tree and can’t see anything, those who get lost in its thousands of cracks and shapes and those who see endless artistic possibilities. Diana Yevtukh belongs to the latter category, for her, the holes and missing parts of the tree barks are only empty to fill, scars to heal. And what better way to stitch a wound than with a needle and thread? 

Like a surgeon in the operating room, Diana makes perfect, accurate embroidery designed to fill that void. Her art form is not meant to replace nature, but to complete it, bringing new life. 

With her colorful threads, the young artist fills these spaces with flowers and flower arrangements, but also with body parts such as a hand, an eye, or a heart. The idea on which Diana’s artistic production is based is that we are all part of nature and we human beings, who have the possibility and the ability to guard and take care of what is around us, also have the responsibility to heal wounds and stop the violence. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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