Photography Silvio Tova photographs Milan’s suburbs from above
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Silvio Tova photographs Milan’s suburbs from above

Giulia Guido

Sometimes you just need to change perspective to discover the hidden beauty of some places. If you’ve always looked at things from below, try doing it from above.
This has been demonstrated by Silvio Tova, a young and talented Italian photographer passionate about urban culture, street style and a great lover of aerial photography, who with his latest project has tried to tell the Milanese suburbs from a different point of view.

Tova ventured into the Milanese suburbs where he flew a DJI Mini 2 drone over those huge housing complexes that seem to be one like the other, capturing their shapes and repetitions. From above, the suburbs look like a concrete pattern, no less fascinating than the small alleys of the center or the new buildings of CityLife or Garibaldi that if you pay attention, through the fog, you will be able to glimpse.

Silvio Tova himself commented on the experience: “This project was born from the desire to explore those neighborhoods that are often neglected, or that no one talks about, which are the suburbs. During these weeks I found myself going around the areas of popular Milan and I was able to see with my own eyes all those realities that very often we are only told about. I’ve tried to play and create using the opportunity of flying, thanks to the drone, giving life to those buildings that seen from below seem just big blocks of cement, but from above they form unique geometries“.

An editorial project that takes full advantage of the features and technical possibilities of the DJI Mini 2, worthy successor of the first DJI Mavic Mini, and small jewel of the Chinese company.

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DesignPhotographyAerial Photographyphotographyproduct design
Written by Giulia Guido
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