Neon Dreams by Dreamfibre aka Andrew Morgan

31 May 2019

Dreamfibre, aka Andrew Morgan, realizes magical neon dreams projected into the future where cities appear immense and depopulated.

The works of Dreamfibre, aka Andrew Morgan, are not simple graphics, but real neon dreams made of magic, suggestion and restlessness. Inside of them, you can perceive an atmosphere of solitude, where the places appear immense and almost always depopulated.

The lights are pale, the world is turned upside down: in this hypothetical society of the future we find only sunsets and nightlife, there is no trace of the morning.

This dark but romantic brightness makes us immediately think of vaporwave and cyberpunk influences, artists such as Mad Dog Jones, Beeple Crap and especially Vfxfreek.

Unlike these artists, Dreamfibre has a softer and more meditative style, which causes the viewer to ask himself a lot of questions about how the future will be and how he would like it to be. For the moment all we know is that Andrew gives us epiphanies, moments when we can still ask ourselves: what about humanity?

Take a look at his shop, which you’ll find here.

I sogni al neon di dreamfibre aka Andrew Morgan |


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