People Are Losing It Over Dustin & Suzie’s Song On Stranger Things 3

11 July 2019

It seems that thanks to Netflix, the NeverEnding Story's theme song is having a new peak of plays.

A few days ago the British pop star Limahl posted a status on Instagram in which he said that his song NeverEnding Story surprisingly reached a new peak in streaming plays in the last week (after 35 years from its release) and that this could happen thanks to Stranger Things 3.

In the final episode of season 3, the authors of the beloved Netflix series have chosen to feature the theme song from the cult classic ’80s film, reopening a newfound interest in the iconic song.

The singer Christopher Hamill aka Limahl says he didn’t watch the hit series and that his 23yr old nephew Josh messaged him to say that his NeverEnding Story song is being featured in Stranger Things 3. So he only watched the duet scene featuring Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and his girlfriend Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) and was so touched that he thanked Netflix for giving the song a chance to reach a whole new audience.

YouTube reports that the daily views of his original music video have totaled an increase of 800% on July 6, while Spotify confirms that the streams of the track soared about 825% compared to the previous week.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Netflix gives a second chance to Limahl’s music.

Last Christmas, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch featured his hit Too Shy in the series original soundtrack and it was also a surprise for the singer because, as he explained to EW, “I had nothing to do with the licensing“.

But this time it’s different because people are losing it over Dustin and Suzie singing “NeverEnding Story” on Stranger Things 3 final episode.

The duet scene moves us because that’s the first time we meet the character of Dustin’s long distance girlfriend Suzie, the one that he can’t stop talking about throughout the season.
We only know her in the finale when it’s revealed that Suzie is an actual human and not an imaginary friend Dustin created.

Suzie finally asks the Dustin call on the radio and helps him and his friend to save the world giving the numbers in Planck’s constant. But she first forced his boyfriend to sing a duet of NeverEnding Story‘s theme song with her.

The moment is a surprise romantic break to the tension of the final episode and it’s one of the best moments ever seen on Stranger Things 3.

Everything smells like 1985, not only for the memory of Falkon the luckdragon woken up by this song: the set design of Suzie’s bedroom, the walkie talkies also remind us that era.

If we go on YouTube to see that scene several times it’s because we are true romantic lads or because we are hopeless nostalgic retromaniacs in love with our past. Maybe it happens because, now that these episodes are over, we want to live again the emotions of this third season. In my opinion, the best one so far.

We could have also another reason for it.

In this wonderful storytelling and in this huge amount of 80’s quotes that Stranger Things gives to us, we are happy to find the same, reassuring, truth already present in NeverEnding Story: in the struggle between good and evil, only the love will save the world.


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