Art Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting

Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting

Giulia Guido

Never as in these days, during which millions of women have seen their rights and freedoms disappear from one day to the next, it is important to give them a voice and visibility by any means possible.
Spanish artist Elena Gual has been doing this since she started painting, that is, since before 2016, the year she graduated from the “Florence Academy of Art”. 

During her years of study, Elena Gual approached mainly classical painters, but also from more recent artists such as Van Gogh and the Impressionists. What she has learned is reflected in her works that also present a modern and original touch. 

Her artistic production consists mostly of portraits of women from all over the world. Having had the good fortune to travel from a young age, Elena Gual has visited different places and countries where she has met beautiful women who, due to strict rules, did not have the opportunity to express themselves freely. So her paintings soon became the means to give them a voice. 

Elena Gual’s portraits are made with a special spatula technique: the contours of the figures are well outlined and the color is applied in thick, dense spatula strokes visible to the naked eye that transform the canvas into a sort of bas-relief. 

In addition to the profiles and the different skin tones, the artist always adds some details and accessories that not only give vibrant touches of light but also symbolize certain cultures and traditions such as very long earrings or colored turbans as headgear. 

We have selected just a few of her paintings, but to find out more visit her website and follow her on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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