Art The faceless paintings of Markus Åkesson

The faceless paintings of Markus Åkesson

Emanuele D'Angelo

Markus Åkesson is a neo-figurative painter, his works have been exhibited in galleries and institutions in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, Vilnius and Stockholm. He lives and works in Pukeberg in Nybro, Sweden, his house and studio are nestled in the woods where he is free to explore motifs that connect man with nature and nature with the unprecedented world.

In the last times, he has created an extension of his “Now You See Me” series. The Swedish artist has wrapped his subjects in silks and satin from the elaborate drawing, leaving only the impression of their faces, limbs and torsos visible.

His latest paintings continue his exploration of repetition and the disturbing sensations evoked by being wrapped in a piece of fabric. Completely covering his models, they “have become a secret“, telling a story within the model itself, like a sub-narrative in the painting.

Markus Åkesson’s pieces begin with the design of traditional floral motifs that are printed on largely unshaped fabrics. The artist then wraps the models in the fabrics before laying the subjects for the uncomfortable portraits.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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