Idontgiveaseat, the Instagram profile you need to know

11 October 2019

Idontgiveaseat is the Instagram profile created by Julien Potart dedicated to the patterns of the fabrics of the seats of buses and trains.

It was 2015 when Julien Potart, a Parisian filmmaker, opened Idontgiveaseat, an Instagram profile where to collect and share all the photos of the fabrics that cover the seats of the means of transport

Yes, this is Julien Potart’s little and curious obsession. All of you have traveled by bus, coach, train or plane and you will surely have been enchanted by the patterns of the typical velvet-like upholstery used to cover the seats. 

Flying over the amount of dust and bacteria that this fabric accumulates, Julien began to photograph everyone he saw. 

Over time, Idontgiveaseat has intrigued more and more people, collecting followers on followers who, in addition to appreciating the shots, have begun to contribute to the gallery, sending photos from all over the world. 

But don’t just look at the images, because every time Julien Potart specifies where the photograph was taken, inviting you to find common elements. You’ll find that the patterns of French transport seats are similar to those in Australia, while they’re completely different from those in Germany.

In our gallery, you will find a selection of them. 

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