Ikea’s Frakta bag is trasformed into hand-made clothing and accessories

9 May 2017

The Ikea Frakta Bag, after being copied by Balenciaga, became accessories and hand-made garments thanks to the instraggamers.

After the ironic response of the Swedish colossus with the “How to Identify an Original Ikea Frakta Bag” campaign, the instagramers around the world are running to grab a Frakta bag to continue the work.La Frakta bag di Ikea si trasforma in capi e accessori fatti a mano | Collater.al Cut out the bag, what’s coming out are real handmade garments that sometimes iconic accessories that imitate the French luxury brand one, such as the cap, the Speed Trainer, or in other cases, clothing items to which no one would have thought.
You can find them all on the #Ikeabag hashtag, but here you can find the best one.

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Un post condiviso da signe ralkov (@signeralkov) in data:

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