Music Our interview with Ceri for his new album “WAXTAPE: I° Movimento”

Our interview with Ceri for his new album “WAXTAPE: I° Movimento”

Cristiano Di Capua

Electronic music is like wine, in most cases the more you grow up, the more you learn to appreciate it.
It is a world that does not listen to the canonical rules of discography, because it’s ruled by clubbing fans who manage to keep this thing alive, making it unique.
In Italy, however, is a sub-culture small but more alive than ever, to support this thesis is certainly the new album by Ceri (Undamento), which with “WAXTAPE: I° Movimento” has given a breath of fresh air to the scene of electronic music in Italy.
On March 10 he will also play the album live at Q21 in Milan, so save the date.

The album, released on February 18, 2022, was accompanied by the video clip of “Solo Insieme”, with a direction with a European visual reminiscent of the physicality of the video clip of “Territory” by The Blaze, combined with a photograph that remember Trainspotting.
Intrigued and fascinated by these acoustic and electronic sounds that give shape to minimal but complex melodies, decided to ask Ceri a few questions about it.

What is your first memory related to electronic music? It’s a unique world and really spectacular, how did you get into it?
As a teenager I produced rap and one of the rules of the beatmaker of those years was “you can’t use synths, you can’t use plastic sounds”. So for me electronic music was the enemy, to be fought. The only things I listened to outside of rap were records by RJD2, Royksopp, and a little trip-hop. Then came the Maximal/Fidget House moment. The Crookers with the mixtape, the French of Ed Banger. All stuff that in terms of attitude I immediately felt very close. When I was 20 I went to study Electronic Music at the Conservatory.

I understand that WAXTAPE is a story about the person behind your name, almost as if it were an autobiography with the aim of telling about yourself. Is there a right key to read it?
I believe that the strength of music lies in the infinity of possible interpretations. You cannot verticalize a matter that moves in a space made of multiple dimensions. So I would never dare to tell you that what you have seen inside my record is right or wrong.

We hope that your future projects will include live shows, full of electronic music. Can you already tell us more or less if and when we will dance on WAXTAPE?
On March 10 at Q21 in Milan we will have a party, you are all invited!

An artist that you would recommend to those who want to approach the world of electronic music?
Floating Points.

What can I say more, see you on the dancefloor.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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