Soleil, the new mural by INTI for Peinture Fraiche Festival

16 May 2019

Soleil is the name of the new mural by street artist INTI, created for the Peinture Fraiche Festival in Lyon. Discover more now!

On the occasion of Peinture Fraiche Festival in Lyon, the Chilean street artist INTI, about whom we have previously spoken here, has created a new mural called Soleil (Blinded by the Light).

The work presents a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a sun that frames, obstructs and merges with the face of a human figure that stands on several levels. Once again, the protagonists are the colours of purple and orange, which stand out against the white background of the building.

The precision of the composition makes the mural harmonious and leads the eye of the viewer to dwell on the scissors hanging on the dungarees of the protagonist figure.

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