Art JR’s “La Ferita” rips through Palazzo Strozzi

JR’s “La Ferita” rips through Palazzo Strozzi

Giulia Guido
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Not all wounds hurt, some reveal the beauty hidden beneath the surface, just like the one JR has just completed on the façade of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

A year ago, his “Finding Hope” on a small street in the 19th Arrondissement of Paris became the symbol of one of the darkest periods of recent years, a work that represents the importance of always imagining a better world. 

Today JR is back with an artwork that addresses one of the central themes of recent months, to which the artist could not remain indifferent: the closure of museums

There are those who say that this is the right choice, that if everything closes then art galleries should also remain closed, and then there are those who link this decision to the ever-decreasing importance that the State (or perhaps society) gives to culture. 

JR didn’t make any big pompous statements, he didn’t write any posts or make stories lasting a few seconds, but as an artist, he addressed the problem with what is perhaps the only means to do so, art

So, this morning, JR and Arturo Galansino, Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, presented “La Ferita”, a site-specific installation created on the face of Palazzo Strozzi. 

«JR’s new work is a strong signal of reflection on the difficult conditions of access to culture in the age of the Covid-19, but at the same time an opportunity for a new involvement of the public in the name of values such as freedom, creative imagination and participation. In the current difficulty of offering opportunities to enjoy art in traditional spaces, the decision to create a work of art visible to everyone on the façade of Palazzo Strozzi becomes an invitation to rediscover a direct relationship with art and a call for new forms of sharing and participation.» – Arturo Galansino

A huge crack seems to open up in the wall of the Renaissance palace, revealing all the beauty that lies within: the famous porticoed garden on the ground floor and the rooms on the upper floors that continue to house the works that have been forbidden to us for so long. Botticelli‘s La Nascita di Venere and Primavera are the backdrop to the beauty of the forms of Giambologna’s Ratto delle Sabine, and looking at them we finally feel like we can breathe again. 

«They say the museums are closed. But it’s up to us to open them. Here in Florence, the city of Boticelli, Donatello, Machiavel and Dante, we opened the Palazzo Strozzi. These last few months, we have been deprived from the possibility to be together … but we still the freedom to dream, to create, to envision the future. Maybe, it’s not much, but we have that!» – JR

La Ferita” will remain visible on the facade of Palazzo Strozzi until 22 August, while the museums, when we return to our normal routine, will still be open. Don’t forget it.
Written by Giulia Guido
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