Design Land Ahoy, recreational space in the middle of the lake

Land Ahoy, recreational space in the middle of the lake

Giulia Guido

Now everything seems possible in the field of architecture: we have seen roofs turn into living rooms, hotels open to the Arctic Circle, and terraces suspended in the void. So a building built in the middle of a lake could not be missing. 
This architectural venture is called Land Ahoy and is the latest project by the Viennese firm Smartvoll

Land Ahoy was designed to give new life to an already existing building, but in disuse for years, on the shore of a small lake near the Austrian city of Graz. The goal of the Smartvoll architects is to build a place dedicated to leisure time, which is as important as working time. 

Land Ahoy has a circular floor plan with an open space inside, the two closed floors house a hotel and a restaurant from which, thanks to the large windows, you can enjoy a unique view of the lake and the surrounding forests, while the central part is used as a swimming pool during the summer season and as a skating rink during the winter. 

In order to underline the atypical position of the structure, i.e. completely surrounded by water, the studio has thought of a unique access way. In fact, a tunnel starts from the shore of the lake, half of which is entirely below water level and the remaining half gradually begins to come to the surface, arriving then to the building. The effect will be to literally dive into the lake, walk on the bottom and find yourself in the middle, with the luxury of not getting wet. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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