LEGO celebrates its history with a huge wooden minifig

7 November 2019

LEGO has decided to celebrate its origins and the release of the first minifigure with a limited edition made of wood.

We all know LEGO, we have all built houses, castles, palaces, and models at least once, but not everyone knows that originally instead of the current ABS plastic, the bricks were made of wood. 

Their invention is to be credited to the Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen who initially worked to create small cars and animals, and then he made the famous interlocking brick. Only many years later, in 1978, when wood was replaced by other materials, did the first mini-figure, a policeman, appear.  

This year, to celebrate that release and the entire history of the company, LEGO has decided to create a limited edition wooden figure in scale 5:1, or seven-inch-tall. 

In addition to containing the unique piece, in the package, you can find a booklet with the entire history of LEGO and 29 additional pieces to customize it.  

If you love colored bricks you can not appear this unique piece that more than a toy is a real piece of design. 

Discover it in our gallery! 



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