Yeenjoy X Juice LA, Chinese tradition meets design

6 November 2019

The new collaboration with JUICE LA by YEENJOY arrives in Los Angeles in an exclusive pop up shop offering unique and innovative design objects.

It was 2012 when the Chinese artist K.YEE has founded his creative studio YEENJOY.

Since its inception, it has offered innovative design objects that are mainly related to a well-defined lifestyle.

The studio, since 2015 is carrying out a project focused on the creation of design works based on an original and visionary concept: the fusion of techniques related to the chinese craft tradition with an innovative look towards a pop reality.

This has allowed the development through incense and porcelain modellers, of different shapes that have become iconic in the most famous colors of the brand such as blue, white and black.

Each item is supplied in a sophisticated and structured wooden package that add value to the work by making the pack itself a design object. 

With a unique aesthetic and a growing reputation, YEENJOY Studio has become a sought-after collaborator for the most important brands in the industry and its recent releases include limited edition products with artists like Staple and G E O.

Since its debut YEENJOY has amassed a cult following by paying tribute to iconic characters like Drangon Ball Z’s Majin Buu, streetwear items like the Nike Air Yeezy2 or design products like Medicom Toy.

By eradicating the ancient tradition of Chinese ceramics that dates back to the Ming dynasty and incorporating it into contemporary circles, the brand is back with another special release, this time through a collaboration with Juice LA, a streetwear store originally founded in Hong Kong which subsequently landed in America.

In this collaboration, YEENJOY proposes, in an exclusive pop up shop, a limited edition products for the home. These are made of porcelain and combine iconic references of pop culture and traditional Chinese craftsmanship in a harmonious but at the same time provocative way.

To discover the new collection, have a look at the Juice website or directly in stores!

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Text by Anna Cardaci


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