Loose Leaf Studio, the botanical installation in a former gas station

The Loose Leaf Studio is the botanical project based in a former gas station. The installation investigates the relationship between man and nature.

Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler of the Loose Leaf Studio have created a structure, called a “Fossil”, made from hundreds of giant leaves, to “adorn” a former gas station in Melbourne. The installation was photographed by Sean Fennessy, investigating the role of nature and its interaction with the artificial world.

This project uses natural materials and in fact, wants to celebrate the relationship between man and nature. The leaves wrap around the abandoned structure exactly where the gas pumps once stood, “Fossil” intends to respond to the historical context but also to the current state of the site. The intention is to allow the leaves to infest the place, taking it and consuming the artificial structure. For the artists, nature is very important and they want to offer a glimpse of an urban environment occupied by vegetation. They want to facilitate the reconnection with natural systems, hoping that this link can be preserved and respected.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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