Music “Magica musica”, the first prophecy of Venerus

“Magica musica”, the first prophecy of Venerus

Emanuele D'Angelo

The new album by Venerus opens with a prophecy. One of the most anticipated albums of the new year for sure, after the Ep that so much had made us dream in 2019.
“Magica Musica” will be released on February 19, but the Milanese singer has given us a little anticipation through a teaser just released.

I found in the strangest corners of consciousness an orchestra of ideas.

We already had a little anticipation on January 22, when the first single extracted from the album “Ogni pensiero vola” was released.
The tracks should be more or less 16, but the conditional is a must in this case since there is nothing confirmed yet.

The teaser is a particular but original video, where you see the Milanese artist zapping between channels when then appears a strange man, who among various delusions is preparing, as he says, to deal with the mathematics of the world.

Who knows if we will hear again his mystical sound to which he has accustomed us over the years, with jazz, soul, black music and a pinch of electronics.
Surely there will be no lack of magic, which seems to be at the heart of the new project, it’s not long now, be alert, we told you so.

To stay in the theme of magic and to deceive the wait we leave you also a beautiful live Venerus made a few months ago in collaboration with Jazz:Re:Found.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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