Design MAKERS 2 design exhibition returns at CASELLI 11-12 in Milan

MAKERS 2 design exhibition returns at CASELLI 11-12 in Milan

Giorgia Massari
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With its second installment, MAKERS returns to the historic spaces of CASELLI 11-12 in Milan. CASELLI 11-12 is a gallery specializing in contemporary design, with a focus on national and international students, promoting not only established practices but also emerging ones. Through the end of June 2023, it is hosting MAKERS a project to promote a series of exhibitions focused on contemporary design.

caselli 11-12 makers |
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Once again, we are faced with an encounter between sculpture and furniture, so-called collectible design, which we have already discussed in a previous article.
39 international designers, architects and artists are found exploring the concept of creation, specifically seeking a connection between material, in this case historical and innovative, and shape. Indeed, the materials used by the designers present are ceramic, stone, glass and metal, juxtaposed with hybrid techniques such as eggs, paper, cement and wax. In this sense, the precariousness of these objects is evident, bordering on fragility and introducing the concept of temporary, which we must slowly get used to. In some cases, designers exploit the material to challenge the perception of visitors who are literally fooled by the appearance of these objects. What looks soft is actually hard and vice versa.

Among the various international names, we highlight the works of artists Maria Bang Espersen, Henry Baumann and Illya Goldman Gubin, who particularly impressed us with their choice of materials and innovative approach to form.

#1 Maria Bang Espersen 

Maria Bang Espersen is a Danish designer who lives and works in Sweden. On this occasion she presents her Soft Series, which oscillates between sculpture and furniture. At first glance, the dynamic, sinuous forms appear soft and velvety, as if they were strands of coiled hair. Actually, Maria makes these sculptures in glass, with a new approach to the material, described by the designer as “stretched and bent hot glass.”

#2 Henry Baumann

Henry Baumann is a Berlin-based artist who specializes in using materials that are considered worthless but which he transforms into something extraordinary. Baumann disassembles these objects, such as boxes of strawberries, to give them a new life. The initial material and form are respected, taking advantage of their inherent qualities. For Baumann, waste is a matter of reuse.

#3 Illya Goldman Gubin

Illya Goldman Gubin is a Berlin-based artist and founder of IGG Atelier. Goldman Gubin makes works that investigate the deeper meaning of existence. His works search for a relationship between materials, space, time and paradigms. In this case, the artist presents the work Paper Side Table 2B made of resin-coated White Paper. The works appear as crushed paper, unstable and precarious but are actually stable and hard thanks to the resin and glass fiber. The paper causes a cognitive shock in the viewer, who is brought back to childhood thanks to an element that is strongly familiar.

Written by Giorgia Massari
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