Style The awareness in Marine Serre Spring/Summer 2022

The awareness in Marine Serre Spring/Summer 2022

Andrea Tuzio

In these two years lived with difficulty and getting used to new ways of being together as a community, we were almost forced to find a new dialogue with ourselves, with others and with the whole world around us.

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With the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Marine Serre has explored these dynamics in depth, imagining what the future could be if we all radically changed our habits and tried to behave in a more respectful way towards our planet, starting from a more sustainable consumption of food, from the way we choose to move and move, to the clothes we wear. 

Solitude as a choice – when we need to reconnect with ourselves, and not as an imposition due to circumstances – means getting back to living and taking back our spaces both physically and emotionally.

“Ostal24”, this is the title of Marine Serre’s SS22, means home in Occitan, a historical language spoken in the area of southern France where the designer grew up and where she learned to know and make her own those values that she then implanted in her collection.

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Un post condiviso da MARINE SERRE – FUTUREWEAR (@marineserre_official)

Through a loyal commitment, attention to our primary instincts and a more conscious general attitude, it is possible to recreate that sense of welcome, familiarity and serenity that the Danes have managed to encapsulate in a single word: Hygge.

“I want people to feel the beauty and the simplicity of being together and finding joy in cooking, eating, dancing, yoga. And at the same time recognize that everyday we make choices that have an impact. … Fashion is about more than draping fabric and making a profit, it can be a place where we are free to take meaningful action”, Serre stated.

A wide collection, made up of 90% recycled or regenerated fabrics and embracing a broad spectrum of materials and processes: from patchwork regenerated denim to embroidered Dutch tablecloths, to recycled nylon socks that are reborn in capes, hats and bottle cages dominated by the now iconic crescent moon logo, symbol of the brand.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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