Art “Mars sucks”, Activist LA’s campaign for Earth Day 2021

“Mars sucks”, Activist LA’s campaign for Earth Day 2021

Federica Cimorelli

Just over 24 hours ago, a giant billboard appeared in front of SpaceX, the US aerospace campus founded by Elon Musk to allow colonisation on Mars, with a short provocative phrase: “Mars sucks“.
It could be a normal message of protest and dissent against the interplanetary activities of recent years, were it not for the fact that today is Earth Day, the day on which the environment and the protection of Planet Earth are celebrated all over the world.

So what exactly does this billboard mean?

As well as being a provocative and cheeky message, “Mars sucks” is above all the title of the new social and outdoor campaign by Activist LA, the Californian creative agency part of the Anomaly Group.

The campaign denounces the catastrophic daily challenges that the whole world collectively faces as global warming continues to devastate the planet. It is a way to draw attention to environmental protection and to conflict with the longed-for race to Mars, considered by many to be the least of the problems to which they should devote time and economic resources.

In celebration of Earth Day, Activist LA is trying to draw attention, shake everyone’s conscience and call people to action.
With this billboard and a series of humorous and friendly social media messages, the Los Angeles-based agency has found a unique and creative way to support global environmental organisations and activities committed to long-term change such as,,,,,,, and

See some pictures of the campaign here and find out more on the project’s official website.

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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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