Style Michèle Lamy, the road trip with Moncler has arrived in Milan

Michèle Lamy, the road trip with Moncler has arrived in Milan

Andrea Tuzio

Today October 22 is the day of the launch of the Moncler + Rick Owens collection, and yesterday the life companion, muse and creative partner of the American designer, Michèle Lamy, arrived in Milan after starting in February in Nevada, the long road trip that accompanied the project.

Michèle went around the center of Milan with the same customized bus with which she started the trip, to celebrate the launch in store.

The anti-muse par excellence has organized a series of talks, without ever leaving the bus, conceived as a flow and inspired by the film L’amour fou by Jacques Rivette. The topics were varied and ranged from the sublime to modern Milanese culture to environmental activism.

Thanks to Zoom, Michèle Lamy chatted with some interlocutors among whom: Davide Oldani, chef at the D’O restaurant, with whom she addressed the theme of slow food and ethical food; Vittorio Da Mosto, co-founder of Venice calls, with whom she talked about sustainability; Paolo Rosso, art Producer Venezia-based, head of the environmental conservation programs Microclima, Guwahati research and RedHero. The final talk was with Alessio Ascari, founder of Kaleidoscope magazine and Miryam Ben Salah, independent curator, director and chief curator of the Renaissance society of Chicago.

Michèle Lamy’s Milanese day ended with a live performance that involved some members of the Lamy family. This particular performance took place between the bus and Rick Owens’ store in Milan and was a sort of essay of Michèle’s avant-garde work, broadcast live on Moncler, Rick Owens and Michèle‘s Instagram profile.

“Heat, protection and dynamism are the three elements that I associate with Moncler. Applying my aesthetics to a circumscribed and itinerant environment, the bus, was my answer to the collaborative challenge”, these are Owens’ words about the project. The collection is characterized by extreme volumes reinterpreted with Moncler nylon and a palette of black, silver and powder color.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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