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Isola Design, At Lampo We Talk About Sustainability

Giorgia Massari
isola design

Milan Design Week has officially begun, and this year’s theme – Materia Natura – resonates throughout the city. Starting with Lampo, this year’s main hub of Isola Design, which is hosting two themed exhibitions under the umbrella This Future is Currently Unavailable, the title chosen by the district. On the one hand, the exhibition Is One Life Enough? looks at new sustainable materials from the ocean; on the other hand, the group show ENHANCE tells us about design in the service of immediate, everyday solutions. But not only that, also from WAO PL7, also part of the district, ecoLogicoStudio thinks about three objects for the future. But back in Scalo Farini, at Lampo, we delve into the two collective exhibitions to discover more.

isola design
Cheuk Laam Wong

ENHANCE – Design for Social Impact by DesignWanted

«DesignWanted has chosen to focus on pressing issues that, in various ways, affect us all,» reads the press release anticipating the exhibition’s mission. To propose solutions, hypotheses, alternatives that can have a positive social impact on our lives. From this premise it is clear that aesthetics is not the priority; on the contrary, it is functionality that emerges, «to emphasize that design is not only about creating aesthetically pleasing projects but also has the power to improve the quality of life for many people,» curator Juan Torres explains.

DesignWanted does not want to discredit collectible design or the supply world, but it does want to point out that there is also this aspect of industrial design that can approach environmental and social issues. Some might think this is a criticism of Design Week but it is just another aspect of design to consider given the historical moment we are living in.

Juan Torres, curatore di ENHANCE

Designers involved in the group show will be Fucina Frammenti, Nick Geipel & Charlotte Von Ravenstein, Cheuk Laam Wong, Rehub, AmbessaPlay & Pentagram, Birdie, David Wojcik, Jonas Krämer, Simone Perini, and Strena Medical. The selection will follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by WDO members as particularly relevant to the industrial design community and will reflect DesignWanted’s commitment to contemporary issues and its belief in the potential of design to positively transform our society.

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Nanette De Kool_Interpunctie Colon screen ©Uppix

Is One Life Enough?

The group exhibition features a selection of designers exploring the reuse of products designed instead for a single life cycle. Sustainability is everywhere, from the pieces to the set-up. Fantolino, a partner in the event, provided recycled egg cartons as the base for the pedestals, while Kineco made the pedestal tops out of mycelium. Among the vast selection, Design Week features Colab, the first materials library in the UAE, which promotes the sharing and accessibility of resources to support sustainability and innovation in design and manufacturing.

Is One Life Enough? Yu Watanabe, Radiance of Nature with Urushi ©Shinji Yagi, Yoshihiro Ozaki, Yu Watanabe

Designers and projects: ARTL, 1×1 systems, Abar Studio, Albin Karlsson, Alexandre Delasalle, altered artifacts, arkitettoria, Atelier LVDW, Austeja Platukyte, BlueCycle, Censis Rubliss, Daniyar Uderbekov, Dario Erkelens, Design by nico, Eco – Plexis, Emma Johann, Etcetera, Eva Ausmann, Ihab Hafez El Riz, Interesting Times Gang, Katherine Lopez, Krill Design, LFL-ShanghaiTech Mariekke Jansen, Marjan Colletti, Michelle Ivankovic, MushLume Lighting, NANETTE DEKOOL, Natalie Pichler, Oiamo, Owalla, Piece of Cake, POLIMAIR, Prostor Studio, Sabrina Merayo Nuñez, Senzaquadro®, Shaghayegh Ranjbar, Siyu Liu, Studio Jean Louis Noël, Studio Samira Boon, Masterpieces by Studio8, Tatiana, Skorodumova, Teresa Lobelia D’arienzo, The True Green, Ulrike Jurklies, Wknd Lab, Yasmine Mahmoudieh.

Is One Life Enough, Shaghayegh Ranjbar, teCHxtile ©Shaghayegh Ranjbar

Not only exhibitions

In addition to the two main exhibitions, Lampo Milano hosts the Isola Design Store and Isola’s Media Corner, as well as a space dedicated to Talk and Panel Discussion. Isola in collaboration with L’Essenziale Studio and HeyCrates, has created the Isola Design Store, where visitors can purchase small design pieces, magazines and many other products from the design community. Inside the store, L’Essenziale Studio has also created a Media Corner where, in collaboration with DesignWanted, it is possible to catch some scoop on some of the key figures of the Isola Design Festival.

crates design |

As part of the collaboration with Isola, IAMMI designed not only a background for Talk and Panel Discussion, but also an installation entitled LIKE A ROCK. Using products from the Tofu collection, soft but rocky-looking seating made from recycled foam rubber, IAMMI also emphasizes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials fused with handcrafted design.


Courtesy Isola Design, all designers

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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