Minimalist architecture in the heart of Zamora

8 November 2019

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has created a modern building in the heart of Zamora placing minimalist architecture at the heart of the project.

The Madrid-based Spanish architectural studio directed by Alberto Campo Baeza, as we talked about here, has designed an innovative 12.000 square meters office for the government of the Junta de Castilla y León in the Spanish city of Zamora.

In a historic city known for its Romanesque churches and high city walls, the modern “Zamora Offices” are far removed from the medieval architecture that surrounds them.

The peculiarity of this large complex is its structure, whose characteristic peculiarity is the external lots made entirely of glass.

The building is developed on two floors in which both walls and floors are made of stone. 

The same with which it was built the most important cathedral in the city: the cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

This is the main place of worship of the town of Zamora and the bishopric of the diocese of the same name built in the romantic style.

The structure overlooks two courtyards of an irregular shape with full view of the outside landscape that is most visible from the desks and meeting rooms.

Its architectural composition makes the interior and exterior blend together to form a whole. 

The team of architects who contributed to the project says that It is “as if the offices were made entirely of air”.

Campo Baeza also designed a colossal sandstone perimeter wall to protect the site, exactly matched to the color of the exterior of the nearby Romanesque cathedral. 

Given its sober design in the context of its historic location, the “Zamora Offices” are an interesting example of minimalist architecture that focuses on multi-functionality and multi-management of space making it larger and suitable for more functions.

This innovative architectural style allows the search for balance, above all thanks to the few furnishings inserted within the context. This gives birth to a modern and original space.

Text by Anna Cardaci


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