Art “Mix,” Cyril Lancelin’s latest watermelon installation

“Mix,” Cyril Lancelin’s latest watermelon installation

Emanuele D'Angelo
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Their colors, texture and, in general, their graphics have inspired and continue to inspire many artists, in fact we can say that they are part of pop culture. Let’s talk about watermelons, yes, it may sound a bit strange to you but we are really talking about the colorful green fruit. Cyril Lancelin, a French artist has just decided to dedicate his new installation to this fruit, it is titled “Mix” and will be part of the permanent collection of the IOMA Art Center in Beijing.

The works of the French artist, who lives and works in Lyon, are able to create hybrid works made of sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos that create links between the physical and the fictional.

Digital or real, his works offer an essentially optimistic vision, drawing an artificial and experiential landscape.

In the installation “Mix”, watermelons are used as building material, of course they are not real, their dimensions are slightly larger, but Cyril Lancelin’s goal was always to provide an immersive experience in an unreal space.

The Mix installation was inspired by still lifes, visitors to the IOMA Art Center are invited to walk through the installation, viewers will be immersed in this rocambulistic imagery created by the French artist.

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Welcome to the universe of Cyril Lancelin, an artist capable of mixing the real and the unreal, here are all the photos of “Mix”.

Cyril Lancelin
Cyril Lancelin
Cyril Lancelin
Cyril Lancelin
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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