Design The narrow skyscraper by Durbach Block Jaggers

The narrow skyscraper by Durbach Block Jaggers

Emanuele D'Angelo

Australian architecture firm Durbach Block Jaggers has unveiled the design of the Pencil Tower, a building that will achieve a strange first as soon as it is completed.

The tower, 100 meters high, will be built in the center of Sydney on a site at 410 Pitt Street and with its facade, only 6.4 meters wide, it will be the tightest skyscraper (yes, tightest) in Australia, if you can talk about a skyscraper.

“An improbably narrow, six-metre-wide site is envisaged for a 100-metre tower in the downtown area of Sydney near its central station. Our proposal embraces this extraordinary attenuated quality, proposing a ‘column’ tower on a low scale podium.”

This narrow skyscraper will become a hotel and will house 173 rooms with six suites on each floor. The structure will rest on a seven-story high podium where a café and lounge will be located, while the upper floors will also feature a spa with a terrace overlooking the city center.

The tower simulates the compression and extension of a column, through a continuous abstraction of the elements of a column: base, stem and capital.

It will also be very difficult to realize, not only because being in a central area the architects will have to respect the constraints imposed, but also giving the strange measurements, some parts of the building will be assembled by hand.

A strange project, difficult to imagine that of the Australian architectural firm Durbach Block Jaggers that will give a very thin building to the Australian city, here are all the photos.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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