Art You can buy the NFT of the Arch of Peace in Milan

You can buy the NFT of the Arch of Peace in Milan

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Milan is a city that continuously experiments, with an eye towards the future even when it comes to involving symbolic monuments of the city such as the Arch of Peace. Just the monument of Parco Sempione in the period between December 31 and January 1, 2022 has become the “first 360° date sculpture“.
The Istanbul-based collective Ouchhh has in fact transformed the monument into an alternative version, a door leading to a virtual world made of codes and algorithms, which is called AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT.

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On the neoclassical facades of the Arch of Peace were projected over twenty thousand works created in our country, seven hundred years of Italian literature and the annual data of the map of the Italian firmament collected by NASA. A total of 320 artists whose works symbolizing Italian culture were reworked by Artificial Intelligence systems, which translated the images into codes. The result is a videomapping of abstract images, generated by an algorithm as in a work of GAN Art.
AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT has been realized together with Reasoned Art, the first Italian gallery dedicated to cryptoart, under the patronage of the Municipality and the Soprintendenza archeologia belle arti e paesaggio of Milan.
The most innovative aspect of the project is that it will be transformed and sold as NFT, the proceeds will be donated to charity to create a space and create activities related to the world of digital art. An important tool for artists, which will allow to experiment and educate to new languages, projecting Milan more and more into the metaverse.

Arco della pace |
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