Art The second year of Orgoglio Porta Venezia
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The second year of Orgoglio Porta Venezia

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Orgoglio Porta Venezia-the occasion promoted by the Associazione Commercianti Porta Venezia Milano Rainbow District and sponsored by the Milan City Council-returns with its second edition, the first event in Milan to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. Born in 2018 from the union of a group of Porta Venezia merchants, Orgoglio Porta Venezia promotes the free initiative of entrepreneurs, with the intention of triggering virtuous circles capable of strengthening the neighborhood’s vision of rebirth and redevelopment and uniting local communities. From June 5 to June 30, therefore, begins the schedule of events organized by OPV to celebrate inclusiveness and diversity, will take place in the Porta Venezia neighborhood, known for its vibrant LGBTQIA+ scene and its openness to multiculturalism. Indeed, the goal of the project is also to protect and enhance the neighborhood, in an open dialogue with the city administration and residents, making it an example of coexistence and integration.

The open-air exhibition NON VOLTARTI – Neighborhood Stories powered by Levi’s

In the past few days we have launched on our channels a call to action, Poster Art, aimed at creatives, illustrators and graphic designers who will be invited to create artwork in celebration of Pride Month. We will soon announce the winning artwork both in the magazine and on our Instagram profile.

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