Photography Paesaggio fontanesi at Liquida PhotoFestival

Paesaggio fontanesi at Liquida PhotoFestival

Tommaso Berra
Liquida PhotoFestival |

Just over a month to go until the inauguration of Liquida PhotoFestival, the photography festival that will take place in Turin in the spaces of the ARTiglieria Con/temporary Art Center. Among the projects that will interpret the theme “Look Beyond” is Paesaggio fontanesi, a new work by the artist famous for his work on the enigmatic and unusual fragmentation of images. The work is curated by the Kublaiklan collective, a reality that explores the language of photography starting from a continuous reflection on the role of images as constantly changing languages, capable of influencing and decreeing the way in which we narrate the era in which we live, not only the artistic one.

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The Fontanesi that the guests of the Liquida PhotoFestival will find is a grown-up artist, who opens up brackets of reflection by abandoning for a moment his playful approach to the photographic image in favour of a more contemplative and analytical one. It is necessary to know what is changing, all the more so if we ourselves are among these things, the protagonists of a fragmented tale rendered in image through the artist’s recognisable style.
With Paesaggio fontanesi we enter into the details of what is a polyform nature, for this reason unknown and to be defined as a visual and experiential landscape. Photographic experimentation thus helps to imagine new worlds, results of the infinite potential that emerges from the encounter between the images and the viewer. The real, represented through images, becomes part of a world that is not as immediate as photography often wants us to believe.

The unusual installation, designed for the peculiarities of the inner courtyard of the former Accademia
Artiglieria di Torino, will take visitors inside the Fontanesi world, into the future, which is seen as a safe place.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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