PichiAvo’s sculpture for the Las Fallas festival in Valencia

27 March 2019

PichiAvo, a duo of Spanish artists, has created a huge fireproof sculpture for the Las Fallas festival in Valencia. Discover more now!

Last Tuesday, the artist duo PichiAvo erected an imposing sculpture in Urbanmythology style completely covered with graffiti. The giant sculpture was made at the annual Las Fallas festival in Valencia to commemorate St. Joseph.

The artists used wood and cardboard to make the imposing frame of the sculpture, it took a whole year to complete the work. In Valencia, too, it is customary to celebrate the patron saint with a huge bonfire to bring good luck, following events such as Focara from Salento: at midnight on 19 March, the statue caught fire together with 400 bonfires scattered throughout the Spanish city.

Take a look at the video of the event below and, if you missed EVREKA, retrieve it here.



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PichiAvo's sculpture for the Las Fallas festival in Valencia | Collater.al
La scultura di PichiAvo per il Las Fallas festival di Valencia | Collater.al


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