Photography Davide Degano’s Romanzo Meticcio

Davide Degano’s Romanzo Meticcio

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Davide Degano‘s project, Romanzo Meticcio, will be on display at Liquida from May 3rd to 5th. It is an analysis of the Italian post-colonial condition as a fundamental element of the contemporary life of the Bel Paese. The aim is to express a critical attitude towards Italy’s fascist heritage of the past in favor of a careful analysis of its effects on today’s society. If the narrative created by the Italian state – since its unification – is based on the identification of places and people considered marginal, the issue is more complicated than expected. To navigate this complex and layered issue, Degano employs an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the need to consider the various marginalized categories in their co-presence and intersection rather than as separate entities.

Photography in the 1930s was a fundamental tool for justifying colonial policies and representing certain situations and people as marginal. Photographs thus became a performative act of exclusion. “Romanzo Meticcio” aims to create new imaginaries and cultural scenarios by questioning Italian identity to the core. With his work, Davide Degano aligns himself precisely in this direction, offering a critical and provocative look at Italian history and identity through an interdisciplinary work that embraces photography and narration.

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