Design Sara Ricciardi’s willow tree is a corner of peace in Milan Design Week’s chaos
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Sara Ricciardi’s willow tree is a corner of peace in Milan Design Week’s chaos

Giorgia Massari
sara ricciardi

«Under the branches of a willow tree, peace,» is how designer Sara Ricciardi introduces her work Under the willow tree exhibited at Palazzo Litta in the 5VIE district. The sound and immersive installation interprets the theme proposed this year by the district, Unlimited Design Orchestra, involving the viewer who is invited to play the soft branches through touch or by simply passing through them. The weeping willow is here reproposed by Ricciardi with her signature delicacy, looking to the ancestral sphere and feminine power inherent in the symbolism of this tree. «The willow is a tree that offers shelter with its soft drooping branches. A significant symbol of the cycle of life, the feminine cycle and the power of the moon, its branches become harmonious sound elements, hydrophones, capable of producing acoustic vibrations through small metal bells that, in the wind or as people pass by, resonate a melody of notes with ancestral appeal,» reads the press release that well explains the function of this installation, that of putting itself at the service of the emotions and psyche of visitors, offering a place of peace in the chaos of this Milan Design Week.

Sara Ricciardi, Under the willow tree, PH Eugenio Novajra

Sound as a magic formula

Under the willow tree draws from the childhood memories of Sara Ricciardi, who recounts how as a child she hid in the branches of a weeping willow tree, seeking shelter and quiet. «All its drooping fronds made a soft sound as they touched the ground in the wind. It was a sonorous fluff of caressing foliage and I felt delicately protected. For this edition of 5VIE Design Week we wanted to propose a small bed of stillness at 432 Herts. With the melody of benefit, people can, as they pass by and touch the foliage, cradle each other and create an enchantment together», the designer explains. The installation was realized through synergistic work between the Antica Fabbrica Passamanerie Massia Vittorio 1843 of Turin, which made the textile work, and the contribution of Paolo Borghi, a music therapist and musician who tuned the entire harmonic balance of the metal chimes of the branches.

The willow is a symbolic tree connected to the lunar cycle and the feminine cycle. Care, pregnancy and the earth belong to the sphere of the feminine, which is a status that I would like to point out that belongs to both men and women. It is a feeling, it is a being, it is a rootedness. A collective breathing a vibration that reaches us on a physical level. The branches of the tree once played touch the high chakras of the body causing a great sensation of mental energetic awakening. I really like to invoke this power as at other times it is necessary to invoke the masculine power in the great and needed alternation between Apollonian and Dionysian, between the powers of Yin and Yang. With this tree, I want to suggest that we should listen to our own roots, our own skin, our own body in relation to ourselves and others, understanding that there are no feminine or masculine actions, but there are balances to invoke for a healthy relationship with our daily life.

Sara Ricciardi
sara ricciardi
Ph Eugenio Novajra
sara ricciardi

Courtesy Sara Ricciardi | Ph Eugenio Novajra

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