Art Rosa Sawyers’ animations relax the mind

Rosa Sawyers’ animations relax the mind

Giulia Guido
Rosa Sawyers

We all dream of, or have, a place of refuge. Our safe place where we are sure to find the calm and tranquillity that we often fail to maintain. Last year during the lockdown, the impossibility of reaching our safe place weighed heavily, but we saw how these restrictions stimulated the creativity of artists, from Marita Madio’s digital project “Quètu”, which recreated an island, to candles that smell of office and coffee break.
They are now joined by Rosa Sawyers, a young girl who graduated in communication design last summer, but who has found animation to be the right medium to express herself. 

In contrast to graphic design, Rosa’s approach to animation was almost self-taught: during the long months she spent indoors, the young designer enjoyed creating short videos that showed her full potential.

As the months went by, Rosa Sawyers kept practising and posted each of her works on Instagram, where her followers began to appreciate them more and more. 

The clips are just a few seconds long and have a romantic and relaxing feel to them: if their creation has distracted Rosa from what was going on in the world, their enjoyment is no less so. The designer creates small worlds in which everything is so calm that it also has a calming effect on the viewer. A cat behind a window, the reflection of a house in a pond, the sun slowly setting, these are the scenarios we see. 

We have selected just a few, but follow Rosa on Instagram for your daily pill of tranquillity.
Written by Giulia Guido
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