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SAB Project, a new urban regeneration initiative

Federica Cimorelli

During the first moments of the health emergency, Bergamo was the Italian province most affected by the pandemic. In recent weeks, just over a year later, its inhabitants have decided to restore its vigour by actively participating in its rebirth and helping to support a new urban regeneration project.
HG80, Pilo Agency/King Of The Pilo, Pianura Urbana, Nuvole in Viaggio and Fondazione della Comunità Bergamasca are the creators of SAB Project (StreetArtBall), the initiative that ended a few days ago and gave five Italian street artists the task of upgrading some of the area’s basketball courts.
Il Baro, Fabio Petani, Manu Invisibile, Ale Senso and Giulio Vesprini used the ground as a blank canvas and created five open-air works of art in the Bergamo area, specifically in Bergamo, Gorle, Valtrighe, Casnigo and Treviglio.

In Bergamo, Il Baro represented a dense network of stones of a nuraghe, the typical Sardinian pre-Roman construction, to symbolise a structure capable of supporting everyone in times of difficulty. It is a work that contains many personal references to the artist’s life, but at the same time manages to represent a universal and collective need.

In Gorle, Fabio Petani (previously) has combined chemistry and nature with an artwork dedicated to the environment. His work depicts Calathea “Makoyana”, a large purifying plant that transforms harmful substances in the air into oxygen.

In Valtrighe, Manu Invisibile has reinterpreted the iconic Windows screensaver of a computer to open a window on a future full of opportunities. The bouncing of the basketball breaks the glass, opens the way to colour and starts the world on its way to rebirth.

In Casnigo, Ale Senso dedicated her work to Emiliano Perani, a 37-year-old boy who died of Covid-19, a great basketball fan who loved playing with his friends on that very court. The work depicts six multicoloured carp swimming peacefully, animals that symbolise perseverance and courage. This work carries with it a message of sociality, sharing and meeting and keeps Emiliano’s collective memory alive.

Finally, in Treviglio, Giulio Vesprini intervenes in the field with “Horizon“, an abstract creation dedicated to the landscape, coloured with the shades of the surrounding environment. The work transforms the area into a landmark, a more useful and pleasant public space, closer to the new forms of urban tacticism.

Combining art and sport, in particular street art and streetball, these five works join an international movement that has been colouring cities and courts all over the world for many years now. In the Bergamo area, the SAB Project demonstrates the revival of the area thanks above all to the involvement and effort of various local communities, volunteers and basketball fans.
The beauty of this initiative is also linked to its charitable purpose, as it was accompanied by a crowdfunding campaign to support a number of local associations.

See more pictures here and visit the Instagram profile for more information.

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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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