Art Sara Zaher, colorful and cynical illustrations

Sara Zaher, colorful and cynical illustrations

Giulia Guido

Some time ago we introduced you to Sara Zaher, a graphic designer originally from Cairo, who through her works characterized by absurd combinations and bright colors told the world and current events. 

In recent months Sara has never stopped doing so, but in addition to graphics, she has also dedicated herself to illustration. The drawings that Sara Zaher shares on her Instagram profile have had the same success as her early works. 

With the help of a few elements, pastel colors and impressive phrases, Sara offers us a cynical and ironic vision of society and the reality we have built, made of appearance, hidden emotions, lives built on socials. The aesthetic aspect, lively and brilliant, creates strong contrast with the messages and topics treated, making us smile and at the same time leaving a sour taste with us. 

Sara Zaher is absolutely an artist to follow, discover some of her works below and not miss the next on her Instagram profile

Written by Giulia Guido
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